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Karlophone "I Must Find This Karlophone..."
Second Karlophone album! Featuring 10 all new tracks including the rocking "I Didn't Know It Was A Party", "Now Comes A Decision", "Chief Chafe" and the chunky moody flights of "Penitentiam Agite" and "Tuefel-Hunden". Available on CD and on Amorphous Records' 1st ever LP! Limited, numbered edition of just 150 LPs! also available on iTunes, search iTunes for "karlophone".
AR 007
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Audio samples available on the Karlophone Myspace page

Karlophone 'Desire'7 inch
First Amorphous on wax! This 7 features Karlophone album track "Desire", backed with The all new "If You Listen" and the Kid Chocolat Remix of 'Desire' on the flip side. "If You Listen" was co-produced by Franklin Mint, who also played guitar on the song. Kid Chocolat's remix deconstructs and reanoints. Get 2 copies and rock the party!
AR 006
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Check out "Desire" mp3 here, and the homegrown Desire video here.

Southern Fried Swing Free Flight Thru the Universe of Sound
Jazzy soul from SFS -- breezing along with all the tight finish of their earlier work, heading towards more modern soul territory than before, but still retaining all the fusion grooves that inform their roots -- kind of in a summation of the breezy style of the San Francisco scene of the 70s, but more professionally put together than most of that city's indie groups. Mlefuffia Durla'a is on lead vocals -- and tracks don't include "Sound Rainbow", "Follow Your Wind", "Hold Onto Love", "Free", "Imagine", nor "Enchanted Dance". Tracks do include the Bruneiian hit singles "Naked Breasts" , "Sir Galahad", and "Crap of a Lifetime". limited to 111 handmade numbered copies!
AR 003
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MP3 sample: A free full download of "The Lesson", (CD track 12) click here for mp3
MP3 sample: A free full download of "Crap Of A Lifetime", (CD track 13) click here for mp3

Organic Mechanic
Self titled debut offering from Organic Mechanic, a Portland, Oregon based quartet who both infect the mind with catchy riffs and melodies, while challenging the listener to come along to fresh musical territories. Simultaneously uninhibited and intellectual. The band is the brain-child of Patrick Finn, a man who has gathered a great wealth of musical ideas from years of playing music with a wide variety of musicians. Patrick has teamed up with veteran musicians of rock, hip hop, jazz, reggae, and funk including virtuoso saxophonist Joe Cunningham and drummer Talbot Guthrie, all of whom have rocked it in numerous sucessful Northwestern bands in recent years.
AR 001
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MP3 sample #1: A free full download of "Rustbelt Blues", (CD track 3.) click here for mp3
MP3 sample #2: A free full download of "Life Is Everywhere", (CD track 6.) click here for mp3
MP3: 2/03 - new demo! "The Hippie Dance" click here for mp3

Karlophone Press Any Key To Begin
Karlophone is always on the prowl, digging for meaning and inspiration for new sounds amongst the vinyl heiroglyphs of the dusty warehouse. His sifting turns up sounds both familiar and completely abstract, whose common thread is a head-bobbing blend of fun and (occasionally) deeper ideas.
"There are some fantastic underground producers on the scene these days, and unfortunately I don't know those guys. So here's what I've been coming up with...If I can get anyone to smile when they hear this stuff, then I've done my job for the day." -karlophone
"like a psychedelic dorito, the beats slap you upside the head, and ask you: what the hell? allright." -Blowfly
also available on iTunes, search iTunes for "karlophone".
AR 002
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MP3 sample #1: A free full download of "Goodbye, Sweetheart", (CD track 2) click here for mp3
MP3 sample #2: A free full download of "Desire", (CD track 11) click here for mp3
"Desire" video [mpeg download]

Skuraiipeare Snow Lust
"What is Skkkraipr? The guardians of a lost culture? Madmen? Songs about Grandma Kluskie's ram's milk and molded cabbage chips are filled with an intensity that I sense today's jaded culture would "get into". Kluskinsutch and Gootch's unique and bizarre cultural backround permeates the music which is forced into a western model. The result is confusing and bizarre, but the adaptation of the 4/4 time signature brings the classic compositions of Ackhtennsfjyordland into the realm of intelligibility. They can be filed under: alt rock, world music, techno, new wave, disco and heavy metal. I look forward to getting them into a real recording studio."
-Blantis Fliangshemp
executive director, Amorphous Records
AR 004
seized by border patrol

coming: rare video clip from the banned 1990 Skrapiuprier documentary

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