Organic Mechanic

2/09: Patrick and his OM co-hort Talbott have an excellent new band name (which is under wraps) and plan on re-launching things soon with fresh material and never released stuff from the last few years of woodshedding. Patrick has described the music as "heavier than before, yet still striving for a hardcore melodic essence". Well, he didnt really say that, but thats probably the easiest way to sum up his various cryptic comments about the new music.
The O.M. CD will continue to be sold via amorrphous/cd baby until it is sold out. Apparently there are still a few copies left, so dont miss out!
2/03:unreleased O.M. demo sample: "The Hippie Dance" - Recorded in the fall of '02.

Organic Mechanic, 2001.
1: Star You Are
2. Oasis
3: Rustbelt Blues
4. Not Gonna Bring Me Down
5. Help Me To Feel
6: Life is everywhere
7. Firefly
8. You Dont Like Me (You love me)
9. Nothing On Inside
10.Love Isn't a Logical Thing

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"Organic Mechanic somehow takes the loose, colorful, seemingly incompatible strands of funk and power-pop and ties them up as tight as a whalebone corset on a, um, whale. With melodies that wrinkle and stretch like Weezer’s sweater and saxified rhythms that bounce enough to take Stevie Wonder to his higher ground, Organic Mechanic pulls off a nifty little trick. But how does one build a fanbase with something like this? Music this quirky may find itself too smart for its own good in a world full of mindless clones. Which would be more than a shame - it might even be a damn crime. What’s the Measure 11 sentence for ignorance?"
-Willamette Week (John Graham) 10/10/01

"Organic Mechanic is weird. They somehow get away with having a rock 'n' roll edge, a jazzy saxophonist, and a loud big band sound, and yet they're not annoying. The production on their new self-titled CD is amazing, so that may be what's swaying me--but their guitar playing is really clear and adept, and the vocals mix well, so that might be it too. They're a little funky, and a little jammy, but they're also a little rock--which is the good part." -Portland Mercury (Katie Shimer) 10/4/01

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